• JoB2

    Wikias Preinstalled Extensions

    September 19, 2014 by JoB2

    (Update: The CharInsert extension is actually active and configured, but only available in the Classic Editor's Wikicode mode. Thus, not very useful.)

    There's a list of installed extensions - with some obviously added by Wikia - on this special page. I guess I'll be the only one glad to see one extension providing math notation ;-), but there's more.

    However, the main point of this blog post: There is another extension that is supposedly able to allow entering of (predefined) special characters into text edit boxes. Unfortunately, the instructions are quite confusing, and the demo seems to be nonfunctional. I would guess that with this extension, we would be able to provide Nordic special chars to users' fingertips at least for the two graphi…

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  • JoB2

    (Update: The desired feature has essentially been provided in the form of the ASCII template.)

    In a nutshell - it doesn't work, at least not with a level of technical involvement we'ld currently be comfortable with.

    I was able to make the page findable through the standard search, by inserting the non-accented version in such a way that it wouldn't be displayed in the actual page. More specifically, I changed the heading of Arnis entry on the Prologue Characters page, in the code editor, to read:

    However, while this gets the reader onto the page searching just for "Thor", he won't find "Thor" within the page, as it - duh!- does not get displayed.

    The obvious solution would be to include it as page text that just cannot be seen by human eyes, by mak…

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  • Nimphy I

    It's aliveeeee! Welcome, everyone, to the wiki for all things about the webcomic Stand Still, Stay Silent.

    We have a lovely community following the comic, but for the good of all of us (except the ones who are dead - hands up if you recognize the reference!) I wrote a short list of rules.

    1) Keep it clean and professional.  Okay, we don't expect professional. This is a fan wikia, but let's try our best to make it rival Wikipedia nevertheless, hm? Plus, common rules. No trolling, spamming, vandalizing, etcetera. The main characters taught us how to fight trolls and the like, and we shall use that knowledge! 

    2) Avoid voicing personal opinions in the articles. Theories and the such can be discussed in the SSSS comments and forum much better. This i…

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