This giant attacked the armored Dalahästen train car traveling from Mora to the outpost at Öresund Bridge. It is the first recorded appearance of a giant in SSSS.


Aboard the train were eleven passengers including Emil Västerström, Taru Hollola, and Tuuri and Lalli Hotakainen. The journey's hazard prognosis was rated by the conductor at a 7-out-of-10, down a few notches thanks to the sudden appearance of the full moon.[1]


The passengers were sent to the forward crew compartments to sleep while the crew set the night watch. During the journey, the train passed through the ruins of ancient cities, picking up the murmuring noises of the monsters that lived there. The conductor switched off the external recorders to make the cabin more quiet and allow the passengers to sleep. However, Lalli received a terrible vision of a troll, keeping him awake. He felt something, which caused him to grab his bed belt (which he had earlier decided not to wear) and strap himself down as tight as he could. There was a loud bang and the train lurched, sending Emil sprawling to the floor. There was a grinding, screeching noise that filled the metal cabin.

Emil went to the central compartment to ask the conductor, but was quickly ushered back to the passenger compartment. Lalli got up, ran into the central chamber, and pointed at the ceiling. As he did not speak Swedish, he could not tell the crew members what he was doing. The crew member on watch, Agneta, couldn't figure out what he was doing until the cats started hissing. When there came a grinding sound on the roof, she screamed out, "Breach!"

The AttackEdit

The grinding faded into a solid, repetitive cracking. All crew members rushed to sector three, the central area of the Dalahästen. They woke the passengers and ordered all those who did not have immunity to put on face masks immediately. Emil ran back into the central compartment to get Lalli and bring him to safety. He did not get the chance when the roof caved in.

A long, serpentine mass of flesh and bone spilled into the compartment. The crew opened fire. A passenger quick off the mark saw the monster and slammed the passenger compartment hatch shut just as a tendril shot out and smacked the door, cracking the transparent surface.

The crew fought off the giant, many suffering wounds from the attack. Another loud sound came, and the bloody stump of the giant fell into the compartment, dripping black ichor. The train had gone into a tunnel, dismembering the creature.

The crew finished off the creature's remains. One live head managed to speak to Emil, begging for his help. The young soldier punched it, caving its skull in, and ran away with Lalli in tow. The crew members finished the head off, and the giant was finally dead.


The crew ordered all non-immune passengers to the far compartment so the crew could retreat. Tura took Turri to the back, giving an immune passenger the gear for Emil and Lalli once they got back inside. About half the passengers - including the non-immune ones - went to the rear compartment and secured the hatch. The crew and immune passengers went to the compartment forward of that one, behind the central section, securing the cracked hatch again. After this was done, the train continued on to the base.

On arrival, hazmat teams decontaminated the train and affected crew and passengers. The giant had not been stopped by the central saw blade, tearing it from its housing and letting the chain drag the ground behind the car. A massive hole had been torn in the top of the train, completely compromising the central control section.


The giant's full size and form could not be measured, as only part of it invaded the train and blew out the lights when it crashed through the roof. The part that made it inside was a long, snake-like protrusion consisting of multiple limbs, tendrils, and active heads. Its main mass - while not seen - was sufficient to not be deterred by the central defensive saw blade on top of the train.

The giant was made out of at least one troll whose principle mass was located near the head of the creature. The composition of the rest of the body was made of untold trolls and beasts. Once cut off from the main body, the troll-head regained just enough consciousness to reach for Emil and beg him for help.


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