Denmark (Danmark) is the southernmost nation of the known world.

Geography Edit

In Pre-Rash times, the Kingdom of Denmark consisted of Denmark proper - the peninsula of Jutland and numerous surrounding islands including Bornholm - and two autonomous countries, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The apocalypse reduced them to the island of Bornholm, and they later established the Öresundsbro base on formerly Swedish soil.

The base guards the eastward end of the Öresund Bridge, and thus offered a non-naval access to the former Danish main isle, Sjaelland- at least until our heroes started their expedition by going over that bridge, breaking it in the process.

While not yet mentioned in the story, the map of the known world shows the formerly Danish islands Læsø and Anholt as being cleansed, plus a couple islands lining the Swedish coast near Göteborg. No settlements are shown on the islands, and it is unknown if they (still) belong to Denmark, as they were notably not included in the description of remaining Danish territory.



Admiral Olsen mentions some kind of defeat that took place in or around Year 80 and led to a cease of military operations at the Öresundsbro base. According to info later given by Mikkel, that date matches "the great defeat of Kastrup", in which a Danish army attempting to scavenge material on the former airport of Copenhagen got overrun by monsters that had been attracted from the neighboring suburb of Kastrup by the noise. The gate on what was once the Danish side of the the Öresund Bridge is marked with the names of the soldiers who lost their lives in that defeat. 

The in-comic description of the Nationalities of the World (link to SSSS) further mentions that there have been repeated attempts of the Danes to reclaim their former homelands, ultimately resulting in an outbreak of the Illness on their current sanctuary, the island of Bornholm. 

On the flip side, the intel that permits the expedition to select from a number of places where book stashes might be found probably would not exist if it weren't for the Danish forces and their having entered the formerly Danish part of the Silent Lands in post-Rash times. 

Economy Edit

Bornholm is a major center of agriculture of the known world. Also, Finnish timber will undergo "cleaning" in Denmark before getting sold to Iceland.

Demographics Edit

Pre-Rash Denmark had in the order of 5,600,000 inhabitants. The apocalypse and the subsequent events reduced that to only 12,400 in the year 90, with the largest settlements being Rønne (pop. 5,150), Nexø (1,700), Aakirkeby (1,050), and Gudhjem (700), all on Bornholm.

No information on immunity and split between professions is available beyond the general "outside Iceland" information (48% immune, etc.).

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Culture Edit

As the Icelanders put it, Danes "refuse to acknowledge the [old] Gods" and instead have "an unhealthy fixation with the Silent World" - in particular, with the possibility of recovering their former territories, knowledge, culture, etc.. So far, their attempts haven't met with success but caused an outbreak on their sanctuary of Bornholm instead.

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