By population, Eno is the fourth largest settlement in Finland, with 600 inhabitants. It is located within the same system of Finnish lakes as the capital, Saimaa, and travel between them is probably based on boats just like the trips between the parts of Saimaa is. It is yet unknown how the danger of long-distance travel by such means compares to the "Silent Lands" vs. "cleansed area" spectrum of traveling on land.

While the story didn't address Eno so far, the World Map marks it as the place where the Finnish hydroelectric power plant is located.

The Known World
Countries: Denmark (capital: Rønne) - Finland (Saimaa) - Iceland (Reykjavík) - Norway (Aurland) - Sweden (Mora)
(See the countries' individual pages for a more extensive list of their settlements.)
Other: Öresund Bridge - Shetland and various other small islands

The Silent World
Actual locations: Seas and Ocean - Baltic Sea
Transport therein: Dalahästen - The Cat-tank - The Paddlewheeler - The Timbercruiser

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