Finland (Suomi) is the easternmost nation of the known world.


Finland is one of the three Nordic countries whose population has been reduced to settlements that cover only a small part of its former, overwhelmingly continental territory.


Economy Edit

Finland is home to its own, special variant of mages. It is, however, unknown whether that asset bears any effect on their national economy.

The one known export article of Finland is timber, and the one known trade system for that is harvesting it around Pori, loading it onto the Timbercruiser, having it "cleaned" in Denmark, and finally selling it to Iceland.

Demographics Edit

The apocalypse reduced the number of Finns from 5,500,000 to 10,500, more than half of them (5,500) living in the fragmented capital of Saimaa, actually a lake system with lots of small settlements. The next biggest settlement is the military base of Keuruu (900), followed by Joutenvesi (700) and Eno (600).

No information on immunity and split between professions is available beyond the general "outside Iceland" information (48% immune, etc.), and some data about Keuruu (which, being a military base, racks up an immunity rate of 92%).

Known Finns Edit

Culture Edit

Finnish is a language that belongs to an entirely different family than the other Nordic languages. Likewise, the Finns have their own pantheon of old gods, and their own variant of magic derived thereof. The Icelanders call them "forest people", which seems to be a rather correct description of their rural lifestyle, while the attribute of "not too bright" seems to be wrongly derived from the lesser availability of technological equipment in Finland.

Finnish pre-Rash regulations allowed married couples to choose either partner's last name or to both keep their own, and to give children either partner's family name. Couples not going by the husband's name were more common than elsewhere in Europe, and where they kept different names, children would usually be given the mother's surname. These traditions seem to have continued post-Rash, if the cast's family trees are any indication.

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