Fylgjur (singular fylgja) are companion spirits of Norse mythology, usually considered an embodiment of a person's fate or fortune. The only SSSS character whose fylgja has been shown is Reynir, and it takes the shape of an Icelandic Sheepdog. The most similar concept for Finns would be the luonto.

Pre-Rash History Edit

The term "fylgja" translates both to "to accompany" and "afterbirth of a child". Both meanings have reflected into the supposed characteristics of the spirits, in particular, numerous fylgjur were said have the shape of a mouse, dog, fox, cat, bird of prey, or one of the various carrion eating animals so as to match the real animal that showed up to devour the infant's afterbirth.

Otherwise, fylgjur could take the shape of any animal appearing at the birth, or an animal that was considered representative of the human's character. In the latter case, the animal would not necessarily be one native to Scandinavia, though the most popular variants were foxes for users of magic, and wolves for warriors. In some cases, fylgjur have even be said to appear in human shape.

Heroes in sagas fairly often make use of their fylgja in that they shapeshift into the matching animal, or send out the actual fylgja, to do battle. However, the appearance of a fylgja while the corresponding human is not asleep was considered an omen announcing his imminent death.

Post-Rash Fylgjur Edit


Reynirs fylgja, an Icelandic Sheepdog

According to the corresponding fact page (link to SSSS), only the Finns - who possess luontos instead - have not been equipped with fylgjur by the Nordic gods, even if they do not actually believe in and serve these gods. However, Reynirs fylgja is the only one to appear in the comic so far.

Following the traditional characteristics, his fylgja appeared only in the dreamspace - i.e., Reynirs sleep -, as opposed to the luonto that Lalli called on for help in the real world (link to SSSS) as well.

The author's comment on page 480 (link to SSSS) confirms that experienced seiður can (still) "take on the form" of their fylgja, matching the same ability of the Finnish noita with their luontos.

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