Keuruu is a military base in Central Finland. It has a population of 928 (25 after the Hotakainen-family left) and an immunity rate of 92%. Onni, Tuuri, and Lalli Hotakainen moved there from Saimaa in Year 79.


Aside from barracks and civillian residences, much of the area - distributed over four islands - is devoted to farmland. Keuruu appears to be surrounded by thick forests, and is secured by an outer wall that partially runs through the lakes and onto adjacent mainland to form a full perimeter. A second wall surrounds the civilian quarters, and the boats go through a sluice (without changing water levels) to get into and out of the outer one. 


The only way into or out of Y90 Keuruu supposedly is by boat via the Keuruu-Pori waterway. There is a larger, "somewhat safe" area surrounding Keuruu, presumably cleansed (and reforested) land, and on the waterway towards Pori, another fortification - with lights, a fence, and a low stone rampart, but nothing blocking the stream itself - marks the end of it.

Note that the waters between Pori and Keuruu quite clearly are not shipworthy in reality, and the effort required to change that seems staggering even for pre-Rash standards. Chances are that the in-story Keuruu-Pori waterway is entirely based on artistic license.

Events Edit

The three Hotakainens arrived in Keuruu in the year 79, after unknown events - believed to be the cause of the lack of other family members, too - made them leave Saimaa. In a flashback starting on page 385 (link to SSSS), set in the autumn of year 84, Tuuri is shown as an (apprentice?) skald and Lalli as a (full-fledged?) night scout. It is also suggested that back then, Lalli had the tendency to be overly curt in his reports, causing a patrol(?) to get ambushed and four of its members killed.

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