On their trip to The Fictional School, Sigrun and Emil saved a mother cat and one of her kittens from Cthulhund. Mikkel had to put down the adult one, but the kitten joined them. Since they could not agree on a name, she is called Kitty by everyone in his/her native language (NO Pusekatt, IS Kisa, FI Kisu, SE Kissekatt, DK Missekat).


As far as the limited color palette of chapter 7 allows us to tell, Kittys mother and siblings were of a mostly medium grey color with few markings, likely a good camouflage among the ruins they lived in. Kitty, however, did not only seem larger than her siblings, she also has a much more colored fur.

Early depictions suggest her to be a calico cat (a.k.a. tortoiseshell-and-white), i.e., with colors ranging from white all the way to black. However, current pages (link to SSSS) have done away with the black and show her as a cream white cat with limited, rather beige instead of orange, markings.


Outside dangerous situations, Kitty shows a playful, care-free character, possibly due to her youth. When facing adversaries, she so far seemed rather inclined to duck down and/or evade, rather than enter into a fight - which usually is not an option, thanks to either the grosslings attacking or the crew using Kitty as a "trolldar".


Past Edit

In the first pages of chapter 7 (link to SSSS), we see Kitty's mother move her (six or more) kittens between lairs in a ruined cityscape, avoiding detection by Cthulhund. The exact location remains unknown, as even The Fictional School they're found at later doesn't have its position nailed down; it is very unlikely, though, that any of this took place off the island of Amager.

Joining The Expedition Edit

When Sigrun and Emil were wrapping up their inspection of The Fictional School, Emil hears some noise and Sigrun sends him to investigate. The noise turns out to be mommy cat, cornered up a ferroconcrete pillar, hissing furiously at Cthulhund to keep it from finding the lair that she just moved kittens into, in the same room.


Once Cthulhund has left, Sigrun - with much difficulty - fetches mommy cat from the pillar, while Emil discovers the kittens (link to SSSS) - all except Kitty already expired because the heavy rain partially flooded the lair, and mommy cat wasn't able to move them again or provide warmth.

Both surviving cats are taken back to the cat-tank, where Mikkel reluctantly assumes the role of a vet. However, mommy cat's injuries are beyond his abilities, and he euthanizes her without telling Emil beforehand, who would likely have objected to that decision. Kitty, on the other hand, is brought back from hypothermia with blankets and heated tuna (link to SSSS).



While Kitty grew up in the wild, and thus never received any training and would necessarily be categorized as a Class C cat, her instincts make her into a functioning grossling detector. She did, however, not react to the ghosts coming to the cat-tank until after Sigrun and Mikkel succumbed to the attack. It remains to be seen whether that experience prompts her to raise the alarm in the future, or whether she is actually unable to sense ghosts in time.


Kittys mother was euthanized by Mikkel the day the expedition met the cats, and Emil found four other kittens dead in the lair in The Fictional School. That leaves at least one more kitten unaccounted for. However, it is highly unlikely that any of Kittys siblings survived on its own.

Trivia Edit

  • Cats of Kitty's likeness appeared in concept art (link to SSSS) and as "stretch goal kitty" in the crowdfunding campaign for volume 1 before Kitty actually appeared in the comic.
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