Lalli Saku Hotakainen (born in Saimaa , Finland, year 71) is a Finnish Mage and Scout, and one of the main characters of Stand Still, Stay Silent.

Appearance Edit

Lalli is rather scrawny and not very tall (he's one of the shortest members of the expedition, after Tuuri and Emil). He has chin-length ash blonde hair and pale blue eyes. He apparently has very prominent cheekbones.

Lalli wears the expedition uniform, albeit a different version. He wears mid-thigh black boots and black gloves that reach above his elbow. His hood has earflaps, characteristic of Finnish mages. He is almost always seen carrying a rifle slung across his back.


I don't work with other people.

–Lalli Hotakainen

Because of his previous job as a night scout, Lalli rarely spent time with other people, and is thus an extremely quiet character. He is often seen with a blank expression and simply following Tuuri wherever she decides to lead him. He generally seems to be little aware of the mundane events occurring around him, as evidenced by his apparent surprise when learning that Tuuri signed him up to work for Taru. Lalli has been shown to prefer actions to words (such as when he refused to get aboard the Dalahästen by not moving instead of voicing his fears).

Lalli has unusual habits and manners, such as apparently sleeping under his bed and keeping his feet on his seat when sitting. His behavior has often been defined as "cat-like", such as when he hisses at a cat or steals Emil's meat from his sandwich. 

Lalli is also prone to obeying orders, demonstrated by Tuuri when she told him to run to the train and hold the doors open or when he quickly accepted the fact that he couldn't go home. This is likely result of his military career. 

Despite communicating very little and being a solitary character, he is shown to care for the people who surround him, trying to strap in Emil before the train was hit and putting his life at risk to warn Agneta of the imminent breach.

Lalli is apparently unable to understand jokes, as hinted to when he told Tuuri that he thought the expedition was another "weird joke". He also appears to ignore or not understand social customs like shaking people's hands. 

He has little interest in adventure or exploring the unknown areas, only participating in the expedition because Tuuri told him so and telling her that the outside world is nothing more than rows and rows of trees. Lalli is apparently judgmental of new things, defining horses "weird, ugly moose".  


Lalli's introduction.


Past Edit

Lalli was born in the Saimaa area. Due to unknown reasons, when he was 8 years old he transferred to the military base of Keuruu along with his cousins, Tuuri and Onni Hotakainen. At some point he started working as a night scout in the surrounding forests. 

Joining the Expedition Edit

When Taru Hollola offered Tuuri a part in the upcoming expedition to explore the Silent World, Tuuri decided Lalli would come, too (it is unknown whether Lalli had an actual part in the decision, or not), but when the moment to depart came he wasn't aware of any expedition, even going to work night before, and had to be reminded of everything by his cousin.    

Mora Edit

On the boat that would take them to Sweden, Lalli started experiencing severe seasickness, and when they arrived to Sweden, he was too sick to properly greet Emil Västerström.    

When the crew discovered they would not catch the train to Mora in time, Lalli ran ahead and held the doors open. He then questioned Tuuri about Emil's presence, and wasn't excited at the prospect of working with other people.    

After passing through the decontamination station and going around outer Mora, Lalli and the others took a short break at the Västerström house, where they met the children of Siv and Torbjörn Västerström. When Emil questioned Lalli's magical abilities and Tuuri asked him to cast a spell, Lalli refused, not interested.    

The Dalahästen Edit

Arriving at the train station where they would take the Dalahästen to Oresundbro Base, Lalli refused to get aboard.    

Lalli casting a spell

Lalli invoking Kuutar's light.

After Tuuri threatened to leave him there, Lalli invoked the help of Kuutar, the Moon Goddess, making the clouds disappear. He then boarded the Dalahästen and tried to sleep. Somewhere along the way, Lalli's spell appeared to fade, and Lalli himself had visions of a troll. When he sensed the train was about to get hit, he strapped in and tried to make Emil Västerström do the same, then ran off after the impact to warn Agneta of the imminent breach.    

Emil arrived to take Lalli away from potential danger, but the two of them found themselves trapped in with the giant and the rest of the crew. Soon, the Dalahästen passed through a tunnel, killing the giant.    

The following morning, Lalli, Emil and Tuuri disembarked at Oresundbro Base, where they met the rest of the official expedition crew.

Kastrup Edit

The Crew's first mission was to journey to Kastrup, a suburban area outside of the Copenhagen city ruins. Lalli spent the first night scouting out the area, which he relayed to Tuuri the next morning.

In the morning, Lalli, Sigrun, Mikkel and Emil went to explore a building which used to house a public library. Mikkel stood outside to guard, while the others went in. They did find a collection of books, and managed to take many out to their vehicle. Lalli took out only one book, but he was still tired from the night before and fell asleep. But he woke up in time to warn the crew that the building was not as safe as they had thought at first.

Amager Spot 24Edit

The crew split up to explore the area, and Lalli left Emil behind to explore on his own. Sigrun found out the building housed a troll's nest and goes to find Emil. After Emil's actions caused an explosion and filled the building with smoke, Lalli escaped by crashing through an upstairs window, landing on Mikkel's arms. He runs to the Cattank with the rest of the crew, flashing Emil a displeased look, inciting Emil to defend himself, stating that Lalli abandoned him first.

After the crew flee to the Cattank and drive away to safety. Mikkle appoints Tuuri to find a safe place for the crew to stay Sigrun excitedly rants that the skirmish was "The Awesomest", surprising Emil into vomitting and Lalli into covering his ears. Mikkel seperates to two, placing Sigrun in a corner to face the wall and decides its best to clean up the crew.

Kastrup FortEdit

The next morning, the crew camp out at Kastrup Fort where Mikkel questions Sigrun about the choice of books but states that not all of them are irrelevant as the book that Lalli picked up captures his interest. The book is shown to detail the effects of the The Rash disease on a victim, likely a patient from the hospital how contracted the disease.

Mikkel, Sigrun and Tuuri continue to
Lalli in the dream world
banter about whether the crew is ready to venture further into the city while Emil and Lalli rest in the Cattank. As Lalli sleeps he enters the dream world and attempts to recall the figure of the other mage (who is revealed to be Reynir) he saw traversing the water. Unable to do anything, he sighs and gives up.
Lalli excorcising radio

Later, he is seen exorcising ghost voices that were intereferring with the radio for Tuuri. His first attempt to gently ask the spirits to leave is ignored and he forcefully threatens them on the second try and succeeds in doing so. Tired from the ordeal, he leaves Tuuri to join the rest of the crew outside, where Emil mistakenly agrees that it shouldn't take Mikkel so long to make breakfast.

Relations Edit

Tuuri Hotakainen Edit

Don't be sad. There's nothing interesting to see out here, anyway.

–Lalli to Tuuri after she couldn't see the outside world because of the darkness.

Lalli's older cousin, Tuuri is also a member of the expedition to explore the Silent World. Tuuri is Lalli's guide in society and speaks for him most of the time. Lalli is shown to care for his cousin, trying to cheer her up when she was disappointed and following her wherever she went.

Onni Hotakainen Edit

Lalli's relationship with his cousin Onni is currently unknown. Onni was first annoyed at Lalli's presence, but it probably was because he thought Lalli's absence would change Tuuri's mind. He cared for both of them since they were children and didn't want them to go.

Emil Västerström Edit

When Lalli first met Emil, he was suffering the effects of seasickness and didn't greet him. He called Emil a "messy Swedish person" and wasn't excited at the prospect of working with him.

On the Dalahästen, Lalli and Emil wished each other good night. Sensing the attack to come, Lalli tried to strap Emil in his bed belt (with no success) and Emil ran to Lalli's rescue before the breach. The two of them instinctively hugged when the giant burst through the roof.

When he was asked if he had made any friends on the expedition, Lalli said he had "maybe" made "one", with the next panel cutting to Emil, implying that he does think of them as friends.



Lalli is a Finnish Mage, and used to employ his magic abilities in his job as a night scout. His mage-like abilities have manifested in creating a spell to invoke the moon's protection, and in being able to sense and predict the position of a troll.

As any mage can, he has the ability to see ghosts.

Dream WorldEdit

He is shown to have the ability to communicate with mages through dreams when he attempts to contact Onni as well as another mage in the dream world before being dragged under by elk trolls.  During this, he displays the ability to defend himself by using a magically charged knife and blasting away the monsters in a cat-shaped ball of magic power (dubbed "Cat-Bomb"), further emphasizing his relationship to cats.

Lalli in the dream world

Lalli leaving his Dream World with disappointment.


In another insistence in Copenhagen, during his sleep to recover from the use of his Luonto, he was attacked ghosts who broke through his dream barrier, forcing him to repell them with magic. This defensive spell was not strong enough as he was overwhelmed until Onni showed up. This is likely due to the being forced to fend off the ghost without his Luonto present with him, a notion that is supported when he

Lalli fighting against elk trolls underwater.

battles a ghost (dubbed "Sleipnope") in the real world who asks him whether he was "less weak this time?"

Physical AbilitiesEdit

He can run very fast and also seems to have very good vision. Being a scout, he presumably is good with his rifle.

Lalli only speaks Finnish, which makes it difficult for him to understand what others say, unless there is a translator present (usually Tuuri). Nevertheless, he seems to be a good judge of non-verbal communication, even replying to Emil's "good night" (in Swedish) with a Finnish equivalent.

As a scout, he displays an uncanny ability of memorizing places, both before (when shown a map of locations he's supposed to check out) and during his mission / de-briefing, when he reports his findings in great detail. 

His scout abilities compliment his mage duties as he is shown to scale a tall tree in the winter easily to help bring the  dead peace and lead lost souls to Tuonela.

Trivia Edit

  • Lalli likes cookies.
  • Lalli was the first main character to be introduced, but the second to have his name given (the first being Tuuri).
  • Lalli's name is the same of the well-known Finnish folkloristic figure Lalli, who was said to have decapitated a bishop.
  • Lalli is prone to motion sickness, exactly like his ancestor, Saku Hotakainen.
  • The rifle that Lalli uses is said to be used and passed down from his grandmother.
  • In the Nordics, "Lalli" is predominantly used as a first name, more often as a male one (derived from Lalle) than a female one (derived from Lalla), probably due to the historic precedent. On a global plane, "Lalli" is more frequently used as a last name.

Family Tree Edit


Portraits of the non-appearing members of the Hotakainen/Hollola family (plus Veeti and Taru Hollola) from page 629 (link to SSSS)

Clothing Edit

Keuruu Outfit Edit

Worn prior to arriving in Öresund.


Base layer with tunic, pants, and socks


Outer layer, with jacket, gloves, and boots

Uniform Edit

Lalli's Expedition Uniform


Base layer with shirt, pants, and socks. Black shirt variant as seen in the beginning of Chapter 5.


Base layer with shirt, pants, and socks. Striped shirt variant as seen in the end of Chapter 3.


Boots and gloves


Hooded tunic



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