Norway (Norge) is one of the nations of the known world, in a rather central position, West of Sweden.

Geography Edit

Norway is one of the three Nordic countries whose population has been reduced to settlements that cover only a small part of its former, overwhelmingly continental territory. However, unlike Sweden and Finland, whose settlements are mostly inland and away from the coasts (of the Baltic Sea), virtually all the Norwegian cleansed areas line the coasts of the Norwegian Sea and the North Sea.

This puts the Norwegian inhabited areas the closest to the cleansed lands of the Shetlands, but it is not yet known whether they do actually belong to Norway.


  • Aurland (capital)
  • Byrknes
  • Dalsnes
  • Finnøya
  • Hitra
  • Kalvøya
  • Kvannevann
  • Leikanger
  • Måløy
  • Rana
  • Selbjørn
  • Steinsundøyna
  • Svolvær
  • Vadheim
  • Vikna
  • Ytterøyane

Economy Edit

The Norwegians are said to be the main shipwrights of the known world, and own the Kvannevann iron mine. (The principal iron works of the known world are, however, in Sweden, as is the most important copper mine.)

Demographics Edit

Norway's population fell from 5,100,000 to 15,100 during the apocalypse. The Norwegians seem to have spread out from the cities, like the Icelanders, as there are only 3,600 of them in the capital of Aurland, followed by Leikanger (2,200), Dalsnes (online) / Hitra (book) (1,250), and Steinsundøyna (1,100).

No information on immunity and split between professions is available beyond the general "outside Iceland" information (48% immune, etc.).

Known Norwegians Edit

Culture Edit

The Norwegians have re-adopted the belief in the old gods, just like the Icelanders, and were the first to reestablish contact with them. The Icelanders thus consider them the closest thing to the perfection that they are themselves, and fame the Norwegians' talent for fighting and hunting the monsters both on sea and at land.

The Known World
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The Silent World
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