See Vehicles and Vessels for more inanimate objects making an appearance. Large structures like buildings and fortifications shall not be listed here, either; you might find those listed in the "Technology" category.

In order of (first) appearance:

Prologue Edit

Year 0 Edit

Gørans Newspaper
(page 2 (link to SSSS), title page best seen on page 9 (link to SSSS)) Gøran and his friends take information about the Rash from an issue of the Bergens Tidene - a real Norwegian newspaper and the only identifiable mass media from the prologue (though the logo design is somewhat off), while another newspaper (Sweden) and two TV chains (Denmark, Finland) remain nondescript.
"Elephant Skin" Pizza
(page 30 (link to SSSS)) A special treat from the Hotakainen/Hollola preparedness freezers - been in storage there for only a year. It nonetheless seems to be Misu-Misu's favorite food.

Year 90 Edit

Knee Ink
(page 57 (link to SSSS)) The solution, suggested by Taru and attempted by Siv, to Torbjörns' showing up with a hole in his pants for a rather formal occasion. Gets a bit out of hand, and on hands and other body parts, though.
The Loose Cobblestone
(page 58 (link to SSSS)) Tripping up people in Reykjavík - probably for years to come, as attempts to have the problem addressed get run in circles by the authority located in the corresponding building.

Chapter 1 Edit

Lalli's Magic Rifle
(technically, page 69 (link to SSSS)) A fairly normal scout's weapon when introduced, but in later chapters, it shows a tendency to disappear and reappear - similar to Hannus backpack in aRTD -, to lose and regain its wraps of adhesive tape(?), change the shoulder it's strapped over, etc..
Tuuri's Luggage
(page 95 (link to SSSS)) It consists of the bag containing it all, a pillow, a family portrait, the Holey Pot, and something she hopefully got rid of right away. The portrait reappeared on page 189 (link to SSSS) and the pot, apparently, on page 280 (link to SSSS); the other items, except the last, are expected get cameos as well.
Emil's Luggage
(technically, page 95 (link to SSSS)) Emil has been hauling a trolley along - literally, as in, up a long flight of stairs - that was later discovered to contain explosives and similar cleanser equipment, and got confiscated due to safety concerns.
Allt om Spadar
(page 99 (link to SSSS)) A book for camouflage when you're not allowed to sleep where you're sleeping. Siv apparently came up with the concept, then handed idea and book on to Emil.

Chapter 3 Edit

The Bed Belts
(page 154 (link to SSSS)) Provided aboard the Dalahästen to allow travelers to secure themselves into their bunks, but Emil and Lalli use them in a somewhat different manner.

Chapter 4 Edit

The Rear View Mirror
(page 186 (link to SSSS)) Emil unintentionally removes the Cat-Tanks right mirror, then throws it away - right into the works of getting the expedition some more equipment. On page 233 (link to SSSS), we can see that the mirror has been replaced by a different model.
When Mikkel finally opens the switched crates on page 280 (link to SSSS), he finds candles with cat decorations in them instead of the expected rations, leading to an emergency restocking mission.
The Cat-tank's Typewriter

Partial QWERTZ keyboard and unidentified manufacturer's logo as shown on page 275 (link to SSSS)

(page 189 (link to SSSS)) It typically sits on the office desk in the room behind the driver's cab, opposite the radio station, and serves Tuuris skald work. However, it does not appear to be attached anywhere.
It is a mechanical typewriter of yet-undetermined make and model. On page 275 (link to SSSS), we can see a manufacturer's label ("oskra"?) and part of the keyboard - which seems to be missing shift keys, and to match the non-Nordic QWERTZ layout. On page 307 (link to SSSS), however, it shows only 22 keys in total.

Chapter 5 Edit

Tuuris Breathing Mask
(page 229 (link to SSSS)) The mask seems to alternate between having a transparent front that we can see Tuuri's facial expression through (link to SSSS), and showing the lineart of a cat's (or teddy bear's?) ":3" smile (link to SSSS). (An explanation has been provided, however.)
Now that Reynir has appeared, it seems that Tuuris mask was passed to him, and Tuuri wears a mask with an even larger transparent section. It remains to be seen which mask(s) retained the magical property.
Mikkels Crowbar
(page 234 (link to SSSS)) While Mikkel uses it for its intended purpuse in its first appearance, it later serves as his (only) weapon. The fact that he hits Emils leg as he swings at Leaftroll demonstrates why he shouldn't be trusted with more effective weaponry.
The Spot 24 Logbook
(technically, page 246 (link to SSSS)) This book, apparently written by Doc Doormat and found on the table in his office, was the only one Lalli grabbed and carried out, unfortunately leaving behind a written note left on top of it. On page 275 (link to SSSS), we can see that it contains photos and records of the sick treated at spot 24.
It is probably the same book that Mikkel has Tuuri make a transcript of in the beginning of chapter 7.

Chapter 15 Edit

Shopping List and Wheelbarrow
After the cat-tank has turned unrepairable, the team prepares to continue its journey on foot. Mikkel had already prepared a shopping list (link to SSSS) for Emil and Lalli, the most important to procure being a wheelbarrow (link to SSSS), so as to transport the other equipment and the selection of books they'll take along. That wheelbarrow later acquired the fandom nickname "Barry".