The "Old Gods" are the deities of pre-Rash mythology that have become the objects of devotion and worship in the new world.

Norse GodsEdit

The gods of Norse mythology are of the pantheon of Odin, Thor, Freyr, and the rest. They are shared among the various Scandinavian countries, including Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

Though the Danes do not acknowledge the Old Gods and the progress-minded Swedes credit their own ingenuity for their survival, the Norwegians and Icelandic folk still believe in the Old Gods,[1] up to and including Sigrun looking forward to meet the crew again in Valhalla (link to SSSS).

Finnish GodsEdit

The people of Finland pray to their ancient forest gods, owing to their different cultural history from the Scandinavian countries. The ancient pantheon is descended from old Finnish paganism, with various forest spirits, gnomes, fairies, and monsters and goblins. The gods are identified with various aspects of nature and change, as opposed to grand patrons as in the Norse pantheon.

Examples of Finnish Gods:

  • Vellamo, goddess of the sea and storms - Finnish vessels carry the image of this goddess and claim that the waters are kept silent and safe by her protection.[2]
  • Kuutar, goddess of the moon - Lalli invoked a prayer to Kuutar to change the skies from rainy to clear and presumably ease their passage through the night.[3]
  • In the context of beast skulls being put onto a Kallohonka,[4] it is stated that the ritual permits the soul of the original animal to be reborn into the herds of Tapio and Mielikki, the deities ruling the forests.

Cultural DepictionsEdit

There have been few depictions of the gods so far. An image of Vellamo was seen on the Paddlewheeler, stating that she protects the waters.

The three nations that still believe in the Old Gods have altered their cultural colloquialisms to match. For example, Tuuri once exclaimed "Oh my Gods" when traveling beyond the walls for the first time.[5]


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