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Onni Ukko-Pekka Hotakainen (born in Saimaa, Finland, year 63) is a Finnish mage and a secondary character in Stand Still, Stay Silent. He is the elder brother of Tuuri Hotakainen and cousin to Lalli Hotakainen.



Onni's introduction

Onni is shown to be protective of both Tuuri and Lalli. He is unwilling to let them go on this expedition, but is too scared of what's outside to go with them. His lack of the sense of adventure is at odds with his sister, Tuuri.

He is rather rude to Taru Hollola, but that may have only been because she recruited his family for work that he believes only idiots would consider.


Onni, Tuuri and Lalli used to live in the Saimaa area before they moved to the Finnish military base, Keuruu.



Onni is said to be a powerful mage.  This is supported by concept art drawn by Minna of Onni manipulating weather to summon a snow storm as well as when Onni summons the powerful bird spirit Kokko, a Finish deity of iron and fire, to aid the crew in the Battle of Odense, burning away the hordes of grosslings and ghosts that were attacking the crew. This spell however, left Onni visibly scortched and unconcious due to the taxing nature of the spell. Despite his power as a mage, due to his crippling fear of the Silent World he has practiced mostly protective magic in the military. This fear might possibly stem from his non-immunity to the disease, like Tuuri.
Burn out

Onni burn out from the spell

Onni Summons Kokko

Onni summons the aid of Kokko

Holy shit onni

Onnis spell burns away the grosslings and ghost


Dream WorldEdit

Like all mages, he is able to recieve visions from his dreams and detect them , as well as guide lost souls back to their destination. He has also shown great caution in the Dream World around other spirits a
Onni wielding mage child

Onni protects Mage Child aka Reynir because he is an responsible adult

s shown in Reynir's and his encounter with a Christian Priest spirit where he forcefully covers both Reynir and his eyes, claiming that Reynir is too weak to shield himself.

His powers have been shown through the strength of his dream barrier, which was strong enough to keep other mages out such as Lalli (Reynir's ability as a Icelandic mage is most likely an exception) as well as being able to manipulate the environment of his dream space to reflect his emotions (ex. thunder and lightning when he catches Reynir trespasses on his dream space).


Onni has shown proficient use of his luonto , a formidable Eurasian Eagle Owl, send across many miles to rescue the crew from attacking ghosts whil
CbmuS xW0AAQfA1

A portrait of Onnis Luonto by Minna Sundberg

e they were in Copenhagen, even though Onni himself was in Mora at the time. He is also able to see the aura/spirit in the environment (ex. the air, trees, animals). It can be assumed that this is a ability common to all Finnish mages but not in Icelandic mages.

Other AbilitiesEdit

Though he not shown any feats suggesting any form of physical prowess, Onni has display a great amount of knowledge about the Old World, specifically about previous religions died along with the everything else in the Silent World.

He also speaks both Finnish and Icelandic.


Tuuri Hotakainen

Onni is very protective of Tuuri, and is angry with Taru for taking her on the expedition. While he cares very much for his sister, they have very different ideas of the outside world. Onni believes that everything that's worth experiencing is inside (the safe areas) while Tuuri posits that everything that's worth experiencing is outside.

Lalli Hotakainen

As with Tuuri, Onni is very protective of Lalli. He does not want either of them to leave with Taru Hollola. However, he is happy to meet him in the mageverse and asks if he has been getting along with the other crewmembers.

Taru Hollola

Onni shows a great deal of animosity towards Taru. He was originally offered a job by her but turned it down as he believed it was a fool's errand. He is not at all happy when Taru decided to take Tuuri and Lalli instead.


  • Onni, along with Tuuri, Lalli and Taru Hollola is a descendant of the prologue Hotakainen/Hollola family.
  • The Finnish word "onni" means "luck", just as Tuuri's name is derived from a Swedish root of the same meaning - an intentional play of words by the author.
  • As of today, Onni is a primarily Finnish given name, with second-ranked Sweden distanced by a factor of 80+.

Family Tree Edit



Portraits of the non-appearing members of the Hotakainen/Hollola family (plus Veeti and Taru Hollola) from page 629 (link to SSSS)

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