Cards and paper games aboard the Cat Tank

The biggest difference in how people spend their free time after the Rash is likely to be the lack of personal electronic devices. A variety of paper-based amusements have been shown in the comic so far.

Card games appear to be popular, or at least widespread enough that Tuuri and Reynir, despite coming from different countries, are able to play together - in one instance (link to SSSS) even while they're on opposite sides of a sealed door. The suits and ranks of the cards do not appear to have changed since the Rash. Reading is shown to be a common enough past-time that The Crew seeks to profit from the public's demand for pre-Rash books. In the Västerström house, many books and maps are visible in the study, though it's unclear if these were published after the Rash or not. Given the national trade in lumber and what appears to be an abundance of paper products, this is not unusual.


While passing time on the Paddlewheeler, Tuuri and Taru engage in a game of chess. It's unclear whether the set belongs to Taru or is available for passengers to use.

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