The major bodies of water surrounding the known world seem to have kept the names and definitions of pre-Rash times, namely:

The (North) Atlantic Ocean Edit

The Atlantic is actually defined to extend all the way to the Arctic (Ocean), thus including the entirety of the known lands' coasts except the northern half of Iceland. However, it is more commonly used to refer to those parts that do not have a more specific name - which translates to the waters to the Southwest of a line through Iceland, the Faroe Islands, the Shetlands, and around the West side of the large British Isles (to exclude the Irish and the Celtic Sea located between Ireland and Britain, and the Channel between Britain and France).

The North Sea Edit

The North Sea is enclosed on three sides by Britain, the European mainland, and Scandinavia, and extends northward to the Shetlands. According to the definition of the IHO, it does not include the Skagerrak between Denmark and Norway, but common usage of the terms does consider the Skagerrak a part of it.

The Norwegian Sea Edit

The waters to the North of a line through Iceland, the Shetlands, and the westernmost tip of Norway are called the Norwegian Sea, in spite of the coasts of Norway extending both South into the North Sea, and - at least with the pre-Rash definition of the country's borders - North into the Arctic Ocean.

The Baltic Sea Edit

For the main page on this topic, see Baltic Sea.

The Known World
Countries: Denmark (capital: Rønne) - Finland (Saimaa) - Iceland (Reykjavík) - Norway (Aurland) - Sweden (Mora)
(See the countries' individual pages for a more extensive list of their settlements.)
Other: Öresund Bridge - Shetland and various other small islands

The Silent World
Actual locations: Seas and Ocean - Baltic Sea
Transport therein: Dalahästen - The Cat-tank - The Paddlewheeler - The Timbercruiser

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