Shetland is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, located near the main Iceland to Denmark shipping route. The islands formed part of pre-Rash Scotland, and are therefore notable as the only area of the Known World located outside the pre-Rash Nordic countries.


The islands are located at a considerable distance from any surrounding land. It is likely that their isolation provided them with some protection during the initial outbreak. The world map shows that the largest island, the Mainland, is not cleansed, but two smaller adjacent islands are. These may correspond to the islands Yell and Unst, although it is difficult to be certain due to inaccuracies in their positioning on the world map.


It is known that small pockets of survivors existed in Scotland's isolated islands, likely including Shetland, but they were stated to have moved to the larger, safer communities in the Nordic countries in the years since the Rash. Shetland currently has no notable communities, and it is unknown if the islands are populated at all.


Scotland as a country no longer exists in the post-Rash world. It is therefore likely that Shetland has been claimed by one of the Nordic countries, most likely the nearby Iceland or Norway, but the islands' nationality or lack thereof has yet to be confirmed.

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