Sigrun Solveig Eide [/ˈsigˌɾʉn ˈæɪde/] (born Year 58 in Dalsnes, Norway) is a Norwegian Hunter and is one of the main characters of Stand Still, Stay Silent.


Sigrun is quite tall, as noticed by Tuuri on their first meeting. She has an athletic build, short straight red hair and purple eyes.

She wears the standard uniform, with the exception of having two crossed belts instead of one. Her previous military uniform also had two belts, but it apparently was a normal feature for Norwegian soldiers.

Personality Edit


Sigrun exhibits her exuberant personality from the beginning.

Sigrun "lives for the military" and is very confident in her talents as a troll hunter. She claims to have killed a few monsters with her bare hands. Her personality is very boisterous, and she makes a great effort to socialize with her crew members, even the taciturn Lalli. However, it seems that she doesn't remember even the most basic information about them from the personnel files. 

Aside from being boastful, Sigrun apparently has a tendency to exaggerate her skills and be overconfident. An early example of this is when she claimed to be able to drive on her file, and later concealed the fact that she couldn't when Torbjörn questioned her about it. She is very direct and speaks her mind without filtering her thoughts, such as when she told Tuuri she had thought her to be a "kid with no experience whatsoever".

For all this, however, she shows herself to be a experienced leader and looks out for her crew. She covers for her crew when they make blunders, and overall seems well-versed in the obligations and requirements of each crew member.

Relations Edit

Trond Andersen Edit

Trond appears to be close to Sigrun's family, knowing her parents. While she calls him "Uncle Trond", it has been stated that they are not related by blood. Due to his high rank in the Norwegian Army, he was given his choice of recruits for the mission.



Sigrun's introduction.

Sigrun is the Captain of the expedition, and was a captain in the military before that. She (along with Mikkel Madsen) is described as "apt and experienced" by Torbjörn Västerström and as "good enough" by Trond Andersen. Tuuri notes from her information card that she has a lot more experience than Tuuri herself. However, Sigrun's card may contain a little embellishment, such as her ability to drive.

Sigrun does have Immunity to the Illness.


Past Edit

Both of Sigrun's parents were Generals in the Norwegian military. Her life has revolved around this fact from the very beginning, and she held the rank of Captain when she left to take part in the Expedition. Despite this advanced position, she is not very well-educated.  

Sigrun has worked with mages in the past, although never with a Finnish one like Lalli. 

At some point like Mikkel Madsen, she was recruited for the expedition by Trond Andersen.

Joining the Expedition Edit

At some point in her military career, in year 90, Sigrun became part of the expedition to explore the Silent World. The retired general asked an old friend (which was later revealed to be Sigrun's father) to "borrow someone from his troops", specifying that anyone would have been fine. Sigrun volunteered and was selected to go by the generals, although it is unknown whether she would have been Trond's first choice.

She met with Mikkel Madsen at the Öresundbro base, where the rest of the crew arrived sometime later. After introducing themselves to each other, the crew started crossing the Öresund bridge on their vehicle.

Crossing the Öresund bridge Edit

After a failed attempt at driving the "Cat-Tank", Sigrun and the rest of the crew started crossing the Öresund bridge, which had suffered of 90 years of inadequate maintenance. After Sigrun claimed that the maintenance job had been good, the bridge collapsed, leaving the crew with the only option to continue through the following Drogden tunnel.

Kastrup Edit

The Crew's first mission was to journey to Kastrup, a suburban area outside of the Copenhagen city ruins. Sigrun, Mikkel, Lalli and Emil went to explore a building which used to house a library within a community space. Mikkel stood outside to guard, while the others went in. They did find a collection of books, and managed to take many out to their vehicle.

Although the building seemed safe at first, Lalli realized that this might not be the case. Although Emil thought they should leave, Sigrun decided to stay and explore more. Sigrun left to explore on her own. She went back to a large room filled with dead bodies in hospital beds. In the far end of the room, she discovered a shut door, which hid a troll's nest.

Realizing that they should have left as Emil said, Sigrun quietly backed out of the troll's nest room and shut it again. She goes to find Emil, who has been cornered by two trolls. Sigrun killed one troll with her knife. Emil kills the other through an explosion which damaged the building and filled up the area with smoke.

Sigrun and Emil ran outside to where Mikkel was waiting, and Lalli followed them there by crashing through an upstairs window.


  • Her first speaking appearance (link to SSSS) comes about 40 pages before she is officially introduced, during a flashback to Trond Andersen's retirement party. 
  • Like Lalli and Emil, Sigrun can only speak her native language - in this case, Norwegian. 
  • Sigrun has been revealed to be an only child. 
  • Both "Sigrun" and "Eide" are popular, and nowadays pronouncedly Norwegian, names. 

Family Tree Edit


Portraits of the non-appearing Eide family members from page 629 (link to SSSS)

Aksel Eide
Sigrun Eide
née Larsen
Frida Eide
Sigurd Eide
Asbjørn Eide
Solveig Eide
Sigrun Eide

Clothing Edit

Uniform Edit

Sigrun's Expedition Uniform


Base layer with shirt, pants, socks




Gloves, belts, and boots

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