Björköfjärden, Skutskär, and Luleå are the three Swedish settlements on the coast of the Baltic Sea which, according to the World Map, have shipping traffic.

Travel Edit

Luleå is home to the ironworks and most probably sees a lot of goods shipped, while Björköfjärden is a passengers-only transfer site. Skutskär is shown to have ship traveling to both other harbors, so a mix of goods and passengers is to be expected.

On the land side, Skutskär has a train line going to Mora. Unlike the one from Björköfjärden, it runs through Silent Lands for a certain distance.

The Known World
Countries: Denmark (capital: Rønne) - Finland (Saimaa) - Iceland (Reykjavík) - Norway (Aurland) - Sweden (Mora)
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The Silent World
Actual locations: Seas and Ocean - Baltic Sea
Transport therein: Dalahästen - The Cat-tank - The Paddlewheeler - The Timbercruiser

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