The Known World is the collection of regions known to have survived the Rash. It consists of what now are the countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland. All known humanity lives in these regions, constantly fighting back to reclaim territory from the Silent World.

The Rash Edit

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When the Rash Illness broke out, Iceland was the first country worldwide to close its borders.[1] Denmark was the first non-insular country to do so[1], and the other Nordic countries presumably did so at a later point.

Iceland Edit

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To avoid spreading of the Rash, Iceland kept away refugees that could possibly infect the country by shooting them on sight. As a result, Iceland now has a relatively high population (about two thirds of the pre-Rash numbers), a low immunity rate and a comparatively huge safe area - namely, the entire interior of their island.

The coasts are considered exclusion zones, if not actually silent, presumably because of sea beasts.

Denmark Edit

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The nation of Denmark has been reduced to little more than the island of Bornholm, the only genuinely safe (not cleansed) area in the Known World besides Iceland. Unlike, Iceland, however, Bornholm did see an outbreak of the Rash following yet another attempt of the Danes to reclaim their former homelands.

Norway Edit

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Finland Edit

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Sweden Edit

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References Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 On page 13 (link to SSSS), the first four nations to close their borders - Iceland, Japan, Madagascar, and Denmark - are listed by the TV news.
The Known World
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