(Update: The desired feature has essentially been provided in the form of the ASCII template.)

In a nutshell - it doesn't work, at least not with a level of technical involvement we'ld currently be comfortable with.

I was able to make the page findable through the standard search, by inserting the non-accented version in such a way that it wouldn't be displayed in the actual page. More specifically, I changed the heading of Arnis entry on the Prologue Characters page, in the code editor, to read:

===Árni Þór Reynisson{{#if: | Arni Thor Reynisson |}}===

However, while this gets the reader onto the page searching just for "Thor", he won't find "Thor" within the page, as it - duh!- does not get displayed.

The obvious solution would be to include it as page text that just cannot be seen by human eyes, by making the text very small or the same color as the background, but that, in turn, is outside the supported features of wikitext.

At the moment, I see only three possible solutions:

  1. Text color etc. can be influenced from the specific Wikia's central CSS. We would have to pinpoint the name of a HTML class to set on text that is supposed to be invisible, and the SSSS Wikia admins would need to implement that class in the CSS and make it be invisible. Both that and assigning the class to the text when editing a page are more involved than we'ld currently like to work IMHO.
  2. Maintain an extra page (titled "Accentless Versions of Nordic Names" or somesuch) that is just a long list of accentless names, made into links to the most appropriate section/whatever for it. Ever-ongoing work, of course.
  3. Do nothing for now, weather the complaints, and wait for a suitable solution to show up ...

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