(Update: The CharInsert extension is actually active and configured, but only available in the Classic Editor's Wikicode mode. Thus, not very useful.)

There's a list of installed extensions - with some obviously added by Wikia - on this special page. I guess I'll be the only one glad to see one extension providing math notation ;-), but there's more.

For one, there is a little thing

to set your poems nice and clear,

So let's use that and have it bring

lots of content and joy right here.

However, the main point of this blog post: There is another extension that is supposedly able to allow entering of (predefined) special characters into text edit boxes. Unfortunately, the instructions are quite confusing, and the demo seems to be nonfunctional. I would guess that with this extension, we would be able to provide Nordic special chars to users' fingertips at least for the two graphical editors, if not the raw Wikitext editor as well. Does anyone happen to know how to set this up properly ... ?

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