• Nimphy I

    It's aliveeeee! Welcome, everyone, to the wiki for all things about the webcomic Stand Still, Stay Silent.

    We have a lovely community following the comic, but for the good of all of us (except the ones who are dead - hands up if you recognize the reference!) I wrote a short list of rules.

    1) Keep it clean and professional.  Okay, we don't expect professional. This is a fan wikia, but let's try our best to make it rival Wikipedia nevertheless, hm? Plus, common rules. No trolling, spamming, vandalizing, etcetera. The main characters taught us how to fight trolls and the like, and we shall use that knowledge! 

    2) Avoid voicing personal opinions in the articles. Theories and the such can be discussed in the SSSS comments and forum much better. This i…

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