Vellamo is a female member of the reinstated Finnish pantheon.

Pre-Rash and Continued Characteristics Edit

Vellamo (or Wellamo) was, and is, the Finns' goddess of water, lakes, and seas. She has some control of the winds, too, and uses that power to help ships' crews in need. Furthermore, she is supposed to be a beautiful, tall woman, clad in blue sea foam, and married to the god of the seas, Ahti.

Post-Rash Characteristics Edit

According to the procedures seen on the Paddlewheeler while it traveled from Keuruu to Pori, Vellamo now offers outright guaranteed protection from monster attacks, as long as the humans on the ship maintain the total silence she requests in return - silence on the part of the humans themselves, keeping the ship engines running doesn't seem to be an issue.

Also, the depiction of her seems a little less tall, and she's shown wearing a dress that consists more of reed than of foam.

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